Our promise to you

GEM Aerospace adopts a rigorous recruitment methodology founded on ethical practice.

We are not interested in securing one-off wins. We aspire to fruitful long-term relationships as partners rather than suppliers.

To achieve this, our promise to you is the following:

  • We will be professional, honest and transparent at all times
  • We will only work requirements that fall within our expertise
  • We will notify you if we are unable to deliver
  • We will not spam you with irrelevant CVs
  • We will respect your recruitment processes and internal rules
  • We will only submit CVs with the confirmed approval of the candidate in question
  • We will ensure that all candidates represented have been properly qualified & referenced
  • We will represent candidates submitted truthfully, without alterations to their input or CVs
  • We will listen and evaluate your feedback fully
  • We will constantly focus on generating real value

We promise that we are your staffing partner of choice.

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