Our promise to you

We recognise that the value of our business is driven by our candidates, the “GEM” of our service. Without you, there would be no business.

Our aim is to build deep, lasting relationships with you, within a context of mutual respect and understanding.

If you are an aerospace professional with engineering experience and are genuinely interested in creating “precious connections”, we promise the following:

  • We will represent you honestly and truthfully, with no alterations
  • We will provide feedback to you if you have been submitted for a position
  • We will listen and make note of the information you give us
  • We will only submit your profile to potential clients with your explicit consent
  • We will be transparent and clear with you throughout our relationship
  • We will explain clearly if a job is speculative, confirmed or unsure
  • We will not spam you with irrelevant information
  • We will inform you if we feel we are not able to help you

We promise that we will do our utmost to represent you and secure you the jobs you deserve. Connect with us!

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